Normal Weight in Children

Universal indicator of weight for children does not exist. Such notion as normal weight in children cannot be applied to all of them simultaneously. Normal weight in children is changing continuously and depends on age and sex. Normal weight in children also changes together with height and is associated with body constitution. Normal weight in children of the same age and gender varies during growth.
Genetics, age, sex, nutrition, physical activity, hormonal status, health, and environmental conditions are important for normal weight in children. Weight gain and weight loss depend on numerous factors. Some children may gain weight slowly, others gain weight quickly. Thus, normal weight in children may also differ from this standpoint.
Determination of normal weight in children is a good method of growth control. If the child is over 2 years of age, it is useful to determine BMI - body mass index to see how the child is developing. BMI is calculated knowing weight and height of the child. BMI is a good pointer helping to determine normal weight in children as well as weight categories of underweight in children, overweight in children, and obesity in children. For children and teenagers BMI must be determined taking into account their age and sex. The cheapest and easiest approach to determine normal weight in children together with various weight categories is to use BMI calculator for kids.
BMI can be plotted on the growth charts for girls or boys to determine their percentiles. Percentiles allow assessing the growth and show the position of individual BMI relative to children of the same age and gender.