Normal Weight Range

For adults the normal weight range is the same in all age groups. Normal weight range is applicable to men and women. Slender women usually are at the lower limit of the normal weight range. Slim men are at the top of the normal weight range. Normal weight range may be lower for Asians and sometimes for women. Increased body weight may result from massive muscular growth such as in bodybuilders. There are some particularities for practical application of normal weight range. Normal weight range values cannot be applied directly to children, teenagers, pregnant women and athletes.
Persons beyond the normal weight range have higher risk of problems associated with abnormal weight. Deviations from normal weight range may result in hypertension, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.
Among the factors that affect normal weight range are disparities between food intake and energy expenditure. In children and infants some factors may contribute to aberrations from normal weight range. Genetic particularities, poor fetal metabolism, low birth weight, bad maternal nutrition, insufficient breastfeeding, low physical activity and wrong diets in childhood may exert detrimental effect upon normal weight range.
Those who know their normal weight range may undertake necessary preventive measures against conditions related to thinness or excessive weight. If the weight exceeds the normal weight range, weight loss is good for health, appearance, and life perception.